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Indoor / Outdoor – Theory & Research

Article Written by Tania Blanco

Now more than ever there is a need to connect the indoor to the outdoor, not only does this make a home feel bigger and brings light in, but also helps with our mental health. Studies show that spending time in nature can improve problems such as anxiety and depression. Some tips to connect the inside to the outside include bringing vegetation and planting indoors, using oversized glass windows with concealed or slim framing, the installation of infinity pools, and continuing the same material finishes between the interior and the exterior.

, Indoor / Outdoor – Theory & Research

However, Architects and Designers are breaking the boundaries and working on a more literal way of merging the inside with the outside. Where two areas are connected by a single element that transects the boundary between the indoor and outdoor. For example, Tables and Benches are designed to appear to pass through walls and external trees are being encased within an internal glass box. These elements not only blur the line separating the inside from the outside but also create a feature element unique to the interior.

, Indoor / Outdoor – Theory & Research

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