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Delivering complex and sensitive construction projects in some of the world's most sought-after locations.

Rigby & Rigby takes pride in delivering projects to the highest standards through innovative construction methods, attention to detail, programme, cost management, and a commitment to immaculate levels of finish.

Rigby & Rigby own and manage our experienced construction and delivery division, executing the designs of the architecture and interior studios and through collaboration with our contemporaries. The professional and talented team take pride in its industry leading health and safety record and have delivered a wide range of projects in London, United Kingdom and have advised through consultancy worldwide.





Our construction and delivery team are committed to building ultra-prime residences using the most innovative construction methods in a controlled and measured manner. The team’s multi-disciplinary skills, knowledge and problem-solving approach minimises risk and delay to the project’s programme.




Rigby & Rigby’s construction and delivery team have particular expertise in working sensitively in high-end neighbourhoods, through contemporary new build projects to delicately modernising and restoring heritage properties integrating intelligent engineering solutions. We consistently remain honest and sympathetic to design concepts and original architectural features. Our expertise spans a wide range of specialisms including modular construction, mechanical and electrical design, hybrid sustainable technology, security, technology and fire engineering.

We collaborate with highly reputable firms, specialists, consultants and sub-contractors with a proven track record, alongside our in-house divisions, enabling us to progress every project efficiently.

Our professional team work closely with the local neighbourhood to mitigate disruption to the local area and are repeatedly recognised by the Considerate Constructors Scheme for their exemplary standard of work. This extends to every site’s appearance through its hoarding design and scaffolding wraps. Ongoing training and development are an important element to the construction and delivery team’s success through a programme of apprenticeships and mentoring opportunities.




Every project has a unique and tailored approach which is delivered by exceptional people who are committed to service excellence. Complex programming and techniques are deployed to deliver the most refined and sophisticated finished projects. The division has an in-house team of specialists of quantity surveyors, technical managers, design managers, mechanical and electrical engineers, civil engineers, architects, and project managers.



1. Planning
2. Construction & Design Management
3. Development
4. Delivery
5. Handover & Aftercare

Working in parallel with Rigby & Rigby’s architecture & interior design studios, the construction division collaborate using their knowledge and expertise to inform the design and planning process from a projects inception. Essential components for maximising project efficiencies range from rationalising structural design and considering modern methods of construction to reviewing procurement strategy as well as managing cost and programme implications.



Our team of experienced staff manage and execute every project to the same superlative standards and levels of finish.



Detailed co-ordination for engineering and spacial design allows for sampling and live mock-ups to be constructed, tested and reviewed prior to installation. This rigorous process ensures accuracy and allows for delicacy in our projects.



Managing our procurement process and cross-programme construction activity is one of the key strengths of our construction division. Through our long-term supplier and sub-contractor relationships we can deliver the most complex of designs, on time and within budget.



A Rigby & Rigby project is handed over to the client after meticulous snagging, but the project is never concluded, we look to care and maintain our properties for our clients and beyond. Our turnkey solution extends beyond handover through our aftercare concierge property services, Total Care by Private Client Services.



Let's work together.

If you would like to discuss a future project, or learn more about Rigby & Rigby, please contact us.

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