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Interior Design

We believe that simple, refined design executed well is the foundation for creating beautiful and luxurious interiors.

Our interior design service translates the ideas and requirements of our private clients into striking concept designs which transform Rigby & Rigby properties into inspiring and inviting spaces.

From concept design to the finishing touches, we offer a complete service. Our talented designers blend high-quality craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology with an expert understanding of how to use light, form and colour to maximise the physical and emotional potential of each interior space.

Our buying team commissions furniture and artwork from the world’s finest artisans, creating bespoke furnishings of the highest quality and finish. Every accessory is placed precisely, framing the interior spaces perfectly.

Within the studio there is a wealth of experience in ultra-high end, residential interior design, for both private clients and developers. The team understands the unique demands of each and are well versed in tailoring their schemes to a specific style, or a pre-determined budget and can take into account any specific requests for their clients, however small these might be.

The studio start with three key elements; the end user, the underlying architecture and the location. They then take the design back to it’s core principals, build the design from there and add in layers of detail at each stage ensuring that no element is missed. This approach to design ensures that the user experience of the property is the key focus from the outset and creates a scheme that is as practical and comfortable as it is luxurious and exclusive.

The approach is to remove the unnecessary layers of embellishment and instead focus on the craftsmanship, emphasising this in the design details for the quality to shine through. This is a simpler, less pretentious and more refined luxury.

, Interior Design
luxury interior bathroom design for mayfair apartment project
, Interior Design

Let's work together.

If you would like to discuss a future project, or learn more about Rigby & Rigby, please contact us.

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