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Headshot of John Taylor

John Taylor

Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Iain Johnson

Iain Johnson

Director - Head of Residential
Headshot of Wayne Stokes

Wayne Stokes

Headshot of Teck Lam

Teck Lam

Construction Director
Headshot of Tracey Brookman

Tracey Brookman

Operations Director
Headshot of Laura Spears

Laura Spears

Operations Director


Headshot of Mark Cowley

Mark Cowley

Studio Manager - Architecture
Headshot of Paul Fishpool

Paul Fishpool

Studio Manager - Interior Design
Headshot of Therese Fougstedt

Therese Fougstedt

Head of Marketing
Headshot of Steve Showell

Steve Showell

Head of Financial Planning & Analysis


Headshot of Charlotte Royden

Charlotte Royden

Business Development Manager
Headshot of Liné Samdal

Liné Samdal

Business Development Manager
Headshot of Kirsty Brown

Kirsty Brown

Brand and Marketing Manager
Headshot of Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Social Media Manager
Headshot of Steve Williams

Steve Williams

Financial Controller
Headshot of Lisa Cashmore

Lisa Cashmore

Accounts Administrator
Headshot of Sally Marshall

Sally Marshall

Accounts Administrator
Headshot of Megan Glover

Megan Glover

PA to Iain Johnson


Headshot of Paul Jones

Paul Jones

Associate - Architect
Headshot of Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis

Headshot of Paul Curran

Paul Curran

Senior Architectural Technologist
Headshot of Panya Chaonsri

Panya Chaonsri

Senior Architectural Technologist
Headshot of Frankie Levey

Frankie Levey

Architectural Designer
Headshot of Serena Dowson

Serena Dowson

Architectural Assistant

Interior Design

Headshot of James Ashfield

James Ashfield

Senior Interior Designer
Headshot of Jamelia McLaverty

Jamelia McLaverty

Interior Designer
Headshot of Tania Blanco

Tania Blanco

Interior Designer
Headshot of Rebecca Dix

Rebecca Dix

Interior Designer


Headshot of Robert Stone

Robert Stone

Construction Manager
Headshot of Robert Blakemore

Robert Blakemore

Technical Manager
Headshot of Joe Stageman

Joe Stageman

Senior Quantity Surveyor
Headshot of Adam Hadley

Adam Hadley

Quantity Surveyor
Headshot of Robert Rees

Robert Rees

Quantity Surveyor
Headshot of Will Rigby

Will Rigby

Project Manager
Headshot of Leroy Smith

Leroy Smith

Project Manager
Headshot of Richard Quinn

Richard Quinn

Project Manager
Headshot of Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas

Project Manager
Headshot of Paul Davy

Paul Davy

Site Manager
Headshot of Tarasevicius

Ernest Tarasevicius

Site Manager
Headshot of Scott Bryson

Scott Bryson

Site Manager
Headshot of Brian Dempsey

Brian Dempsey

Site Manager
Headshot of Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers

Groundworks Foreman
Headshot of Paul Hulbert

Paul Hulbert

Heating & Plumbing Manager
Headshot of Annabelle Ford

Annabelle Ford

Administrator Assistant

Private Client Services

Headshot of Rouel Rose

Rouel Rose

Customer Care Manager
Headshot of Rachel Calvert

Rachel Calvert

Private Client Services Coordinator

Let's work together.

If you would like to discuss a future project, or learn more about Rigby & Rigby, please contact us.

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