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Rigby & Rigby App Library

Rigby & Rigby 360 APP – Download here

Rigby and Rigby 360 is the latest addition to the Rigby and Rigby Application library. The Panoramic (Equirectangular) Viewer allows prospective buyers to view the ‘finished article’ during the construction stage of the project, along with visibility of 360-degree photography of on-going site progress.

Rigby & Rigby AR APP – Download here

Rigby and Rigby have recently completed a refresh of their augmented reality app to assist with the realisation and design evolution of their design projects worldwide. The application allows private Clients and professional teams to review project content three-dimensionally on their mobile, with a private project target which activates and reveals hidden content.

The Rigby & Rigby app is for the exclusive use of our private clients.

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