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Reshaping Architectural Design

Leading the way in innovative architectural design and construction, Rigby and Rigby are excited to announce the addition of an in house 3D printing facility to our studio.

Traversing the boundaries between the virtual and physical realm, our new 3D printing capabilities vastly improve communication of design ideas between clients and planners, making design proposals easier to visualise. With the capabilities of the construction industry ever advancing to enable the construction of more complex structures, 3D printing enables us to push the boundaries of design, where more complex geometries can be explored and visualised instantaneously by the client. Utilising this technology, we can bring unique proposals to life that would have once been deemed impossible to visualise.

, Reshaping Architectural Design

Remaining conscious of our carbon footprint as a studio, 3D printing presents a more sustainable means of model making. Gone are the days of creating complex 3D cardboard physical models, notoriously taking long periods of time to make and producing huge amounts of wastage. 3D printed models can be generated in a matter of hours, with minimal waste to a high quality finish. This freedom allows us to provide a better service to clients, generating a greater number of design options and physical 3D models earlier in the design process.

To date, our new model making facilities have already proven to be an invaluable tool in our studio, with prototype models being well received by clients, making design proposals more readily understood.

, Reshaping Architectural Design

Looking to the future of the construction industry, the global 3D construction market is growing, with 3D printed architecture emerging as a potential solution to many of the current challenges facing architecture, engineering, construction, and our planet. Utilising this technology as a method of construction, potentially provides an answer to sustainable architecture, with the volume of construction material being easier to calculate, reducing waste as well as vastly reducing construction costs. Printed buildings can also be fabricated much quicker than traditional structures, reducing the construction programme.

This revolutionary technology has potential to enhance both the architecture and construction industry, so watch this space – 3D printed buildings could be next for our studio!

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