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Rigby & Rigby secures complex license to alter in the heart of Chelsea

Rigby & Rigby have recently managed and delivered a successful turnkey project, from initial concept through to completion and handover, in the heart of central London. The extensive lateral apartment, situated at Cadogan Gardens, was built in the late 1800s as part of the rebuilding of the southern Hans Town and today overlooks one of London’s most fashionable roads.

Meeting the client early on, as always, the architectural team invested time to understand the bespoke needs of the client, their aspirations and what was of paramount importance whilst using the apartment as a family home. This in turn shaped our initial architectural design narrative, strategy and concept, which evolved throughout the course of the project as we developed close relationships with the client and their team and clearly presented options and opportunities to maximise the potential of the apartment.

The design concept for the project was rooted in optimising natural light, whilst creating carefully considered vistas through the property alongside generous spaces, to meet the clients bespoke needs. We wanted to ensure that we met the clients aspirations for the spaces to connect to both each other and the external environment by bringing landscape and life into the depth of the plan of this family home. By implementing these strategies we were able to not only create spaces of activity within the home with focal points, which lead the eye appropriately through the spaces but also permitted the design of the space to naturally highlight special features whilst also protecting privacy where required for the client.

, Rigby & Rigby secures complex license to alter in the heart of Chelsea

As the design developed we worked closely with our sister company, Helen Green Design to design and incorporate specific long vistas with architectural detailing into the plan, enhancing the generous length of the plan, creating aesthetic interest and providing an ideal opportunity for the display of art, and objects as well as the natural beauty beyond the window.

Internal reconfiguration and extensive renovation was proposed in order to meet and exceed the clients aspirations. Like all leasehold properties, the proposed works required a License to Alter from the landlord, which in many cases can restrict development and impede on aspirations, especially with limitations imposed with regards to structure, floor finishes and services. However with Rigby & Rigby Architectural team’s extensive knowledge of the process and managing License to Alter’s, alongside the support and expertise of our construction team, meant we were able to carefully plan, detail design and deliver extensive supporting information. This in turn allowed us to delve into complex discussions with the relevant parties to achieve our goals and successfully push the limits of development, maximise fully the potential of the property.

One of the biggest challenges on this project was the desire to remove a large existing chimney stack and the associated flues which resided inside, sited between two bedrooms. The removal of said chimney stack presented the ability to achieve a desired layout by turning two small awkward rooms into a generous bedroom with ensuite.

We initially carried out detailed surveys and studies of the chimney stack, its associated flues and its structural status throughout the entirety of the 7 storey building, so we could confidently enter into complex and involved negotiations between the managing agent and legal representatives. With extensive supporting evidence behind us, the support of trusted specialist sub-contractors and a significant amount of time spent in negotiations with the various parties, Rigby & Rigby attained, in principle a, successful draft approval to remove the chimney on the basis we attained permission from each lessee whose flue would be affected.

, Rigby & Rigby secures complex license to alter in the heart of Chelsea

As our apartment was positioned at a higher level we needed to attain approval from the lessees whose apartment was positioned below ours, to take ownership and remove the use of their associated flues. Following complex and detailed discussions with the various other lessees and their legal representatives over a long period of time, we attained permission from all required apartments. This was the final piece of the puzzle for us to gain a final License to Alter to remove the chimney stack. During this process it was vital that we managed client expectation on delivery and timeframe as well as pushed the project forward wherever possible, to mimise impact on programme as far as possible. Our strong relationship with the construction team and that built with the client team was crucial during this time.

Studio Director of the Architectural Department, Mark Cowley said:

“This project is a fine example of the commitment to our clients to maximise the potential of their homes, creating the perfect layout and flow of the spaces to suit their needs. Working with our full Allect turnkey team of Helen Green Design and Rigby & Rigby Construction the finished apartment is stunning and we have a delighted client! ”

As always Rigby & Rigby Architecture remained fully committed to going the extra mile to exceed client expectations and to push boundaries which, alongside their expertise in License to Alters, meant the delivery of this complex agreement was possible. A successful License to Alter, especially one such as this that pushes the limits of what is possible, provides an invaluable foundation for a project to excel in the later stages of design and beyond to delivery. The invaluable support and seamless collaboration with both the very talented Rigby & Rigby construction division and impeccable eye of sister company Helen Green Design, allowed the successful and efficient delivery of a beautiful home that remained centred to design strategy and exceeded client expectations.

, Rigby & Rigby secures complex license to alter in the heart of Chelsea

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