Iain Johnson Recognised in CEO Monthly’s Most Influential CEO Awards 2023 – Rigby & Rigby

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Iain Johnson Recognised in CEO Monthly’s Most Influential CEO Awards 2023

Allect Design Group CEO, Iain Johnson, has been featured in CEO Monthly magazine.

A business is only as good as its leadership, and whilst it takes many hands to make a company work, CEOs hold the majority of the responsibility and power in any organisation. This is a tough challenge for any CEO, regardless of expertise or experience.
CEO Monthly brought to you by internationally renowned publishing house AI Global Media – aims to offer the very latest insight, interviews and profiles of Chief Executive Officers from across the breadth of the global corporate landscape.

, Iain Johnson Recognised in CEO Monthly’s Most Influential CEO Awards 2023

The article reads:

For over 20 years, Iain Johnson has been sharing his strategies and vision for architecture, marine and interior design with the industry. And, through his brilliant leadership and incredible insight into how to best navigate this juggernaut of an industry, Iain has been able to establish a name for himself as a man whose ambition knows no bounds. With three brands all operating alongside Allect Design Group, Iain has accomplished his goal of redefining luxury and has already transitioned to paving the way towards design perfection. We explore how Iain manages these brands, alongside Allect Design Group, and how he’s been able to expertly cultivate a portfolio of unparalleled luxury.

CEO of both Allect Design Group and Rigby & Rigby, lain Johnson has proven again and again that he is a man of incredible prowess and has a superb eye for the finer things in life with his wealth of expertise and years of leadership experience. He’s been able to share his visions with clients across the globe, assisting each and everyone in constructing a project that is both personalised and positively lavish no matter the space, Allect Design Group, Rigby & Rigby, Helen Green and Lawson Robb are able to outfit it with the true definition of luxury.

, Iain Johnson Recognised in CEO Monthly’s Most Influential CEO Awards 2023

Of course, each brand has its own unique style, whilst still maintaining Allect Design Group’s aspiration to design liveable luxury spaces that are functional and timeless for its clients. As such, it works in tandem with these three brands to promote their identities and oversee the creative development of each project they may undertake. This keen insight and expert understanding of every crucial detail that goes into the design process is what’s enabled Allect Desian Group to create exceptional residences of the utmost quality and style.

In addition to the stunning interiors that Allect Design Group is able to design for its clients, lain ensures that above all else, your individual intentions for your property are fully catered to. With such a star-studded range of brands under its watch, Allect Design Group has every tool necessary to envelop you in luxury and will work in collaboration with its clients to suit their every need. Throughout the entire process, you will be the one approving every step, all so your vision, partnered with Allect Design Group’s expert design team’s skillsets, can become a tangible reality.

And, with Iain’s vast expanse of design experience, you’ll never find yourself stuck for ideas. As the CEO of Rigby & Rigby, lain has already garnered a fantastic reputation. Rigby & Rigby one of the brands that assisted in finding Allect Design Group is a London-based designer that offers a holistic approach to design. It believes in its dream properties the moment the building process is complete and designs its projects accordingly.

, Iain Johnson Recognised in CEO Monthly’s Most Influential CEO Awards 2023

Clients can be certain that upon completion, their new space will be outfitted with every necessary measure to ensure a comfortable. luxurious living space that transports you to a brand-new way of life. Its aim is to create the most exceptional properties in the world. and this goal is accomplished with each project it completes. None of which would be possible without Iain’s outstanding leadership and impressive imagination.

However, if you’re wanting to experiment with colour and boldness Lawson Robb, another of Allect Design Group’s three founding members, will be able to implement a vast array of shapes, colours and decorative details in order to produce results unlike anything ever seen before. And, under Iain’s watchful eye, you’ll be whisked into a design that is both sleek and eye-catching. Nothing will be able to compare to the vivid and contemporary ideas that the team will be able to produce for you, and you’ll have a clear understanding of all materials, quirky shapes and organic textures that Lawson Robb may utilise throughout the design process. If you can imagine it, lain can oversee the entire project to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

, Iain Johnson Recognised in CEO Monthly’s Most Influential CEO Awards 2023

Though Allect Desian Group and its brands operate internationally on a variety of interiors, what if you’re wanting a property that adheres to traditional British elegance, The final brand that unites the trinity of Allect Design Group’s founding members, Helen Green Design specialises in comprehensive luxury interior designs that focus on combining British architecture and modern luxury. It’s synonymous with creating multi-covered interiors with its residences each adopting a personal approach that has you feeling as in control as the design team is. And, with personalised levels of service offered to private clients, Helen Green, alongside Allect Design Group, is able to put the ‘personal’ in ‘personal space’.

, Iain Johnson Recognised in CEO Monthly’s Most Influential CEO Awards 2023

lain Johnson truly is a remarkable man, with both a knack for interior design and a mastery of customer service. Each client he works with will feel as valued as the next. and such a service lends itself to Iain’s most recent award title of “Most Influential International Interior Design Group CEO of the Year 2023 – London. Iain’s prowess in the field is second to none within London. and his definition of luxury will match yours, regardless of your request.

From Properties to Yachts. lain has a lavish design that caters to your every desire and will do so with intense passion. Above all else, lain’s

dedication to his clients’ experiences is what allows him to truly enrich their journeys, and Allect Desian Group acts as a fantastic conduit for his devotion to the craft. If it’s a luxury interior that you’re looking for, born from the mind of a man who has you at the forefront of the creative process, there’s no person better for the job than Iain.

He’ll ensure you exit the process with a property that’s unlike any other in the world and will do so with an unrivalled devotion to your satisfaction. Perfection has never been so easy to achieve.

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