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Red Bull ‘Wings For Life’ Clay Day 2022

In June, Iain Johnson, CEO attended the sixth Wings for Life Clay Day hosted at a stunning new countryside venue, Hambleden Manor. 100 guests came together to shoot some clays, enjoy some fine food & drink and hear from the F1 Legends in attendance. The event raised a fantastic £189,000 for spinal cord research.


Wings for Life is a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation. The mission is to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Wings for Life fund world-class scientific research and clinical trials around the globe aimed at healing the injured spinal cord.

, Red Bull ‘Wings For Life’ Clay Day 2022

, Red Bull ‘Wings For Life’ Clay Day 2022

The driving forces behind Wings for Life are the two-time motocross world champion Heinz Kinigadner and the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz. In 2003, Kinigadner’s son Hannes had a tragic accident which left him tetraplegic.

Moved by the dreadful injury, Kinigadner and Mateschitz invited leading scientists from across the world to come to Salzburg. It soon became clear that, contrary to common opinion, there is legitimate reason to hope that traumatic spinal cord injury can be cured. Ground-breaking discoveries made by Prof. Dr. Sam David in 1981 and by Prof. Dr. Martin Schwab in the early 1990s showed that injured nerve cells in the spinal cord are capable of regeneration after specific types of treatment.

, Red Bull ‘Wings For Life’ Clay Day 2022

Kinigadner and Mateschitz soon realised that research into spinal cord injury was underfunded. Paralysis is not considered a widespread condition and therefore investing millions in research to help a relatively small number of people was generally considered an unprofitable endeavour.

This realisation prompted Kinigadner and Mateschitz to set up the Wings for Life research foundation – with the goal of finding ways to cure all people affected.

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