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Rigby & Rigby Launches Country Projects Division

Rigby and Rigby are excited to announce the launch of their Country projects division in the first quarter of 2021, where for the first time they are looking to expand their renowned construction and delivery business to build modern estates outside of super prime London.

From the inception of the business, they have become one of the world leaders in the ultra-prime property market through their reputation for quality and client experience. They are now setting their sights on moving into Country Estates within the UK, focussing on locations around Oxfordshire and the Cotswold.

As the pandemic brings the draw and desire for country living into record demand, there is more encouragement for people to work from home with less time in central offices becoming more of a normality. Rigby and Rigby have seen an influx of country estates in their portfolio of work, with both international and UK buyers.

‘We have many designs for grand country houses in our portfolio’ says Mark Cowley, Studio Director from Rigby & Rigby’s RIBA Architecture team. ‘We are excited to discuss with client’s contemporary interpretations of classical country estates or modern architectural interventions for existing homes. We currently have schemes which include large sculpture gardens, pavilions, pool complexes and equestrian stabling. Some of the recent research modules we have carried out are also extremely important to the comfort of family living. We are so pleased to be the first studio in the UK to register a single private residential dwelling for a wellness project. The scheme is due to be delivered measuring 18,000sq. ft and is expected to achieve excellence status, the highest award it can achieve’.

Rigby and Rigby’s latest work within the Cotswolds and immediate areas includes consent for a 12,500 sq. Ft contemporary castle; the first castle to be built in the UK for over 100 years, the interior design of a country gothic mansion, a large 25,000sq.ft modern new build dwelling, several listed properties, a pavilion building, converting a 6,350 sq. Ft Class Q barn into a private residence, and many more so they are well underway in taking the country market by storm.

In addition, Rigby and Rigby are not only focusing on beautiful design, but ensure all their work is created in a sustainable manner, ensuring the wellbeing and lifestyle of Rigby and Rigby’s clients; a unique offering which ensures every element of their business from Development Management, Architecture, Interior Design, Delivery & Construction through to their aftercare service is multi award winning and formally accredited in every division.

Founder and CEO of Rigby and Rigby, Iain Johnson says “We have always been excited about the opportunity in the country house market and we feel now is the right time to offer our expertise in creating the finest and most resolved residences to a new client base which may now have their family homes located outside of ultra-prime London. We have been fortunate enough in the fact that our existing client base has engaged us in this market sector and it was an obvious opportunity for our business having duel offices in the country, located in Stratford Upon Avon and in London. I’m very proud to say that our teams are really excited about the potential of delivering projects in the countryside and our primary interest is for our special projects construction business to work collaboratively with other architects and designers in some very unique contemporary projects. We feel we have the ability to add a lot of value from our expertise in transferring the speed, technical knowledge base and modern methods of construction that we have learnt working in London to these locations. We would love to hear from anybody that has a project that they would like to talk to us in more detail about!”

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