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Interior Design

Considered simplicity, designed for the ultimate sophistication.

We believe that simple, refined, well executed design is the foundation for creating beautiful and luxurious interiors.

Respected as one of the top interior design companies in the world, Rigby & Rigby’s talented and experienced team of interior designers translate each client’s vision for their home, creating ultra-prime residences that are refined, solution-oriented and tailored.




The interior design team’s design philosophy is founded on the principles of designing at the micro and macro scale to create pared-back design schemes. By thinking outwardly and operating independently, as well as collaborating within Rigby & Rigby’s multi-disciplinary studio structure, the interior design team’s philosophy is embedded in every project through unsurpassed attention to detail and quality. 



Our interior design team’s expertise stems from their speciality in ultra-prime residential design and has evolved into hospitality, commercial and yacht design.

We have expertise in designing with an emphasis on lifestyle and wellness and are one of the first teams in the UK to engage the WELLness accreditation for a residential property. Designing with wellbeing in mind includes considering the amenities within a home such as workspace, gyms, pools, spas, yoga studios, libraries and meditation spaces and then incorporating ancient philosophies such as Feng Shui and Wabi Sabi.

Rigby & Rigby’s interior design studio consider the client’s passions for collectables and translate it into the amenities within their property including wine or whisky cellars, art collections, sculpture parks, watches, jewellery and handbag displays and car garages.

Integrating unseen and simplified technology to focus on the user experience and operational design, using the most sophisticated home audio-visual systems, Rigby & Rigby give their clients maximum control of their lighting, temperature and humidity within their home. The interior design team select considered, simplified and intuitive systems that can be integrated into everyday life using a minimal interface for ease of operation and control.



We take a creative approach to every project’s by taking the client’s brief and progressing the design organically with the end-user at the forefront.


1. Context
2. Narrative
3. Delivery

Through collaboration with Rigby & Rigby’s architecture studio, we research the space, its context and history. We take this knowledge and combine it with our expertise and operational intelligence to apply design theory such as wellbeing, colour activation, Feng Shui and ergonomics into our projects.


Research connects the client’s brief to the concept design, progressing our projects to create a unique and tailored project narrative based on authoritative research and data.


Our experience and knowledge of sourcing solutions from our defined professional network, trusted suppliers, artisans, craftsmen and manufacturers ensures that every project is delivered to the same exacting quality and impeccable standards.


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If you would like to discuss a future project, or learn more about Rigby & Rigby, please contact us.

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