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Rigby & Rigby Profiled on Spear’s on the Rise of the “Holistic Home”

Rigby & Rigby’s have featured on Spear’s discussing the rise of the “Holistic Home”. The article “On the rise and rise of the ‘holistic home’” looks at how Rigby & Rigby’s multi-disciplinary team create luxury homes that are an “oasis of calm” and promote health and wellness.

“A holistic approach to design, where the individual elements of architecture, interior design, lighting and technology are combined from the outset, will result in a fully resolved interior which is both usable, luxurious and focuses on the wellbeing of the client.

The growing focus on wellbeing has inspired homes for HNWs being designed with mental and physical health and wellness at the very forefront. As one of 2020’s most prominent trends for HNWs and UHNWs, wellbeing has become an increasingly important factor for discerning clients around the globe. Knight Frank’s attitudes survey in the Wealth Report 2020 states that 80 per cent of UHNWs are dedicating more of their time and money to their own wellbeing. This concept runs through all areas of a home’s design and is set to grow over the coming years.

Rigby & Rigby, an ultra-prime delivery specialist in the luxury residential property market, has embraced this trend. Through a research and development-led design approach, the firm ensures that it continuously pushes the boundaries in every project it undertakes. As a company, its design aims to emphasise on lifestyle and wellness from the outset, ensuring that these key themes are incorporated across the architecture through to construction, alongside those concerning clients’ individual needs and aspirations, which are also interpreted through interior design.

Rigby & Rigby knows well that only through a holistic approach that one can design with wellbeing in mind. As an firm with an experienced, multi-disciplinary team, it takes each of its client’s brief and translates it into a spectacular home tailored to their lifestyle.

The company’s full-service capabilities span across property development management, architecture (RIBA), interior design (BIID & SBID), construction, and private client services to create some of the most exceptional properties in the world. Designing with wellbeing in mind also includes considering the amenities within a home such as gyms, pools, spas, yoga studios and meditation spaces. Organic elements are often introduced into the designs as outside space and plants can help with mental wellbeing, improving mood and reducing stress levels.

In country homes, where space is more generous, a Japanese garden or wild meadow are beautiful ways to increase biodiversity and improve health and wellness. Sustainability has been a key trend in the last decade too. Innovative and shrewd design has provided a sustainable approach to interior design. Products have been designed for longevity rather than with aspects of ‘throw away design’. Eco design has focused on craftsmanship such as carved timber and veneers. This also extends to the construction of homes where materials have been consciously selected and finished from British companies to reduce carbon footprint.

The firm finds that clients are also becoming more informed about the impacts of sleep and diet on health and wellness and want their homes to reflect this. For example, having no audio – visual on/off buttons on display in the bedrooms to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. By using the most sophisticated home integration systems, Rigby & Rigby gives its clients maximum control in their homes.

More recently, there has been a demand for simplified and intuitive systems that can be integrated into everyday life. Returning to a simple interface for ease of use, such as more simplistic rocker light switches, is a great way to achieve this.

With these holistic aspects in mind, the property developers are in the midst of developing Lancelot House, a 17,000 sq ft private residence in Knightsbridge, which is also working towards being the first residential WELL certified project in the UK. Plans for the six-floor ‘super mansion’ include three subterranean levels, fitted out with a cinema, gym, pool, yoga room, and staff quarters. A humidity-controlled underground garage housing the client’s collection of cars will be served by a car lift equipped with number-plate recognition technology.

What completes the project, and makes the home holistic, however, is its extensive landscaped roof gardens which Rigby & Rigby carefully planned to provide the client with a relaxing oasis of calm in the heart of super-prime London. The company predicts that this style of design, with wellbeing at its heart, is indeed a trend that is here to stay.”

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