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Rigby & Rigby Feature on Mansion Global

Mansion Global is an award-winning, premier digital destination for compelling content about the global real estate market. Each week, the publication tackles a topic with an elite group of designers from around the world who work on luxury properties. This week, this article looks at how to choose the perfect coffee table, with commentary from Iain Johnson at Rigby & Rigby, as well as luxury interior designers from New York, Los Angeles and Italy.

“A coffee table is all-encompassing. It’s the kind of furniture that combines form and function, style and service. While the choices are endless, there are certain logistical considerations beyond the look and feel to keep in mind.”

Iain, encourages us to ‘Get Creative’ when choosing a coffee table:

“A layered configuration gives maximum flexibility. Whether a coffee table is designed as a complementary piece of furniture or as a focal point, we advise carefully placing furniture against a neutral backdrop, taking space parameters and furniture configuration into account. We recently designed a bespoke bronze mesh piece, which is layered over a base of gold accent Calacatta Oro marble with integrated storage. The mesh provokes discussion and interest and is highlighted in the room by overhead lighting.

“Colour should either compliment or contrast. If you are unsure, the use of kinetic inlays or stretched fabrics on a framework are a simple but effective way to provide a seasonal update.

Practicality and durability are important. Soft to touch, round edges or organic shapes are very current. Leather, bespoke soft lacquers and resin, liquid metals and Canaletto walnuts all form part of designs in our London interior design studio currently”.

— Iain Johnson, Director and Head of Residential for Rigby & Rigby.

Read more from the article on Mansion Global here.


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