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Rigby and Rigby nominated for Blue Plaque for SW1W 061

Through close contact and work with English Heritage, Rigby and Rigby have been successful in receiving a recognised Blue Plaque for the upcoming project SW1W 061.

The property was previously the home of the world famous ‘Yehudi Menuhin’ who spent the last 16 years of his life in this house. The property sits within the Belgravia Conservation Area and is Grade II listed. First designated with a listed status on 9th January 1970, no significant changes have occurred since Menuhin lived there, particularly the principle street frontages.

Yehudi Menuhin was the most famous violinist of the 20th century whose musical talent spanned some 70 years, and with the foundation of his various schools and academies he inspired generations of young performers. After beginning violin lessons at the age of four, six months later he made his first public appearance and made his first solo recordings in 1928-29. He was soon seen as a child prodigy and recognised throughout Europe as a skilful performer. During his career playing the violin, which included world tours, he was raised as one of the leading violinists of the century, often using original texts rather than relying on edited versions.

Menuhin’s impact spread far beyond music, supporting hundreds of cultural and charitable organisations. During WW2 he risked his life giving more than 500 concerts for American and allied troops, often in combat zones. He then continued after the war, performing in liberated cities, displaced person camps and visited concentration camps soon after their liberation. He was also dedicated to teaching young musicians, leading him to establish the Nueva School and the Yehudi Menuhin School for Music in 1963, and the charity Live Music Now in 1977.

Rigby and Rigby always recognise and respect the importance of history and legacy and this forms part of the narrative given when beginning to design any project. Rigby and Rigby are consistently recognised for the respect and attention to detail that they show on every project and this echoes the level of research and additional value offered to our clients on a regular basis – Iain Johnson CEO rigbyandrigby.com

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