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In The Studio: Our Favourite Swivel Chairs

Over recent weeks, the interior design studio have been sourcing swivel chairs for two of Rigby & Rigby’s upcoming projects: W2 123 and OSL 195. Project W2 123, a Grade II listed villa property in one of Notting Hill’s most sought after Mid-19th Century squares, features bay windows on the ground and first floors. To embrace the natural light from the bay windows the interior design team specified swivel chairs which can turn to face the room and the window.

The Private Family Office office, OSL 195, in Oslo offers views along the waterfront to the south-west with the Oslofjord providing a scenic backdrop. To maximise these views as well as creating a sociable environment in the office, Rigby & Rigby’s interior designers specified swivel chairs to enable this. The interior design team have shared a selection of their favourite swivel chairs that they found whilst sourcing for our most recent projects.

Jacques by Minotti
The Jacques swivel chair was selected by Studio Manager James Ashfield as it is “very comfortable and clean lined”. The collection of armchairs and sofas come in a range of heights. The taller version, Bergère, has a masculine elegance that works well in an office space as part of an informal seating area.

All Around by Giorgetti
The All Around chair by Giorgetti selected by Lena Cottray due to its “super cosy and ‘hugging’ feeling”. Its smooth shape provides optimal comfort and is an excellent place to relax and take it easy.

Isla Swivel Lounge Chair by Restoration Hardware
Selected by Jamelia McLaverty, the Isla Swivel Chair is a “great use of mixed materials and slim arms”. As an interpretation of mid-century Danish design, the curved chair is refined yet relaxed. The organic and elegant materials showcase exemplary craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Almora by B&B Italia
The Almora was selected by Rebecca Dix as she loves that it is “masculine, large, comfortable and a statement”. Named after the Indian region, it is best when used as a place for contemplation, reading and enjoying a view.

P9 Maresin Revolving Armchair by The Future Perfect
Tania Blanco chose the P9 Maresin Revolving Armchair as she “loves the detailing on the chair, sculptural yet comfortable”. The armchair sits within a collection designed by Lazzarini & Pickering for Marta Sala Editions and comprises of seating, tables, lighting and home objects. The collection is a balance of modernist lines with sumptuous details and materials.


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