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Art: Considerations For Hanging Your Art

There are numerous considerations to take into account when hanging artwork in a private residence. Whether we are placing an individual piece of art or curating an art collection,Rigby & Rigby examines all aspects of the process to ensure our client’s collections are housed in the best conditions to ensure they are most effectively displayed and properly preserved.

Careful consideration of lighting can help enhance and emphasise the mood of a space and enables us to create a particular atmosphere in the home. Creating bespoke lighting plans allows us to formulate spaces that respond to the desired feel of each room by highlighting key elements such as artwork. The correct lighting can emphasise the materiality, depth and overall understanding of the artwork in situ.

As part of curating the space, we take into consideration the climate and other environmental factors to preserve the artwork in the space. Damage to items can be caused by a large variety of factors including temperature / humidity damage, indoor air quality / pollutant damage, light induced damage, chemical damage, physical damage from mishandling etc. Rigby & Rigby assesses the environment into which the art will be housed and ensures that the appropriate measures are in place to mitigate against environmental damage.

Whether for large-scale outdoor projects, simple indoor hanging systems or more complex systems for listed properties, finding the best installation system for the property is key as part of a long-term maintenance of the artworks. The installation method, as well as fixing types, optimum hanging height and configurations is crucial to making the most of an artwork collection.

Finding the right framing option for artwork is important. A well-chosen frame will not only enhance the artwork but also help elevate the interior design scheme and can subtly complement the architecture of the space. The frame can also work to help prevent damage caused by exposure to heat and light. Special glazes can be applied to glass to prevent UV light from causing works to fade and seals can be applied to frames to create artificial environments, protecting artworks from humidity or fluctuations in temperature. All these benefits help when it comes to insuring pieces of art.

Security is a key consideration for all of our private clients. Rigby & Rigby work with specialist suppliers to ensure high specification artwork protection systems are in place to add an additional level of security for artwork within a property. Existing security systems can also be upgraded in order to meet any specific requirements from a Client’s insurance company.

Our interior design studio work with skilled restorers and conservators to ensure the condition of a piece of art is preserved. This may be in the form of restoration, repair or general maintenance but we ensure that the preservation of the artwork is of uttermost importance both while it is in situ as well throughout the moving process.





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