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The City’s ‘sweetest stained glass’ says Timeout Magazine

Read by more Londoners than any other free weekly magazine, Timeout magazine is considered the essential and trusted source of recommendations for people living and working in the capital.

In January 2016 Rigby and Rigby’s landmark £45m conversion of St Saviour’s Church in Knightsbridge was feature in Timeout as part of a feature on church conversions.

Describing it as ‘the city’s sweetest stained glass’ Writer Andy Hill hailed the property as a ‘little short of divine.’

In the piece, Iain Johnson, design director for Rigby and Rigby, commented: “The family who bought St Saviours in 2010 wanted seven-star luxury with a refined, contemporary finish. We also expanded the basement with a 12.5m swimming pool, media room, bar and massage studio. Preserving all period details and introducing new architectural insertions sympathetically was a real challenge.”

“The quality of natural light is incredible. It has a gorgeous 42-foot ceiling, with amazing acoustics. It was all planned, of course, but nothing can prepare you for the atmosphere when you walk in. It’s in central London but you can hear a pin drop.”

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