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07:32 AM / 10th December 2023

Stunning private art gallery/office development showcases Rigby and Rigby design expertise

Unique concept designs for a light-filled office and flexible art gallery/exhibition space, in St James, Westminster, have been created by Rigby and Rigby’s award winning RIBA architectural practice.

Following a high level feasibility analysis, Rigby and Rigby created a concept design which would maximise the potential of the space. The designs comprise a reception and waiting area, main gallery hall, private viewing spaces and office facilities for the private client and collectors use an extensive pallet of materials to create drama within the space.

The bold, dual function, design utilises pivot walls to provide the client with total flexibility in the use of the space. The design also maximises the building’s floor to ceiling windows, which offer a wealth of natural light and create a luxurious, vibrant environment in which the collectors can enjoy their extensive collection at its very best.

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