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Salone Del Mobile 2023 – Theory & Research

Written by Rebecca Dix and Tania Bianco

The Salone Del Mobile Milano is one of the world’s biggest and most celebrated furniture fairs. This year the Salone celebrated its 61st edition, and as expected was bigger and better than ever. 

The Rigby & Rigby interior design team made sure to be there to keep a finger on the latest developments and trends in the interior design industry.

Here is a taste of what we saw

, Salone Del Mobile 2023 – Theory & Research

Trend – Japanese Style

There was a strong influence from Japan seen in many of the designers work at Salone. In the design of furniture, accessories and joinery there was a sense of ease and tranquillity with the focus being on craftsmanship and quality. We saw not necessarily an emphasis on the stereotypical Japanese minimalism, but instead a focus on the materiality of pieces and the skill and detail gone into their creation. Structures were left in natural timber, paper and organic fibres were seen in screens and doors, leather was hand stitched, woven and finished.

, Salone Del Mobile 2023 – Theory & Research

Trend – Burgundy Colour

During last years Salone Del Mobile, the trending colour was terracotta. This year, we have noticed a transition from this earthy colour to richer, more opulent tones of maroon and burgundy. These deep red colours bring a timeless elegance to the interior, adding contrast in light, neutral schemes and adding powerful character in dark spaces.

We are used to seeing these colours in the upholstery of furniture pieces and in cushions and curtains, however, suppliers have gone a step further and are now heavily including this colour tone in hard finishes such as ceramics, lacquers, tiles and stone.

, Salone Del Mobile 2023 – Theory & Research

Trend – 90s

One of the trends observed throughout many exhibitors at Salone was a nod to the monochromatic schemes of the 80s and 90s. We noticed a strong use of chrome metal combined with black and white leather. This nostalgic combination of materials is reminiscent of 90s furniture design icons such as Philippe Starck, Achille Castiglioni, Ron Arad and the Campana Brothers.

We saw hundreds of exhibits by individual designers and multinational brands all of which were inspiring in some way. However, our standout suppliers for 2023 are as follow:


This Japanese furniture brand was the main highlight for us. Every piece of furniture oozed elegance with a distinctly handmade and artisanal feel. The designs are based on traditional Japanese aesthetics but also take inspiration from Western history and aesthetics. The focus on craftsmanship was physically demonstrated by the presence of an artisan finishing the stitching to one of the leather side tables.

Studio Sam

This design house was a hidden gem we discovered off the beaten track in brera design district. The range is small but each piece is beautifully designed and detailed with a real focus on craftsmanship. The natural beauty of the stone is on full display in every piece, making these works timeless and authentic.


Preciosa are a supplier we work with and trust. Their endless possibilities for bespoke creations were spectacularly on display in their installation piece at Salone. The beat of the music playing in the background was visualised as it pulsated through the light elements.

, Salone Del Mobile 2023 – Theory & Research

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