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Rigby & Rigby’s Yacht Haze has Featured on BOAT International

Rigby & Rigby has featured on BOAT International online commenting on Yacht Haze’s design in their article “Inside the design journey of the in-build extra 86 superyacht Haze”. As the client manager for the project, Rigby & Rigby have collaborated with Lawson Robb’s yacht design team to select a yacht and design its interiors for a long-standing client.

“The design journey of the 26.2 metre in-build Extra 86 yacht Haze started from the inside and worked its way out. The owner knew that he wanted a yacht with a “penthouse feel”, increased crew and guest integration and contemporary design throughout. Moreover, it was the interior studio Lawson Robb that was tasked with finding and commissioning the yacht itself.

One of the three luxury designers within the Allect Design Group, Lawson Robb was introduced to the entirely bespoke project by fellow Allect design studio Rigby & Rigby. The latter had already handled three residential projects for the English client, who was now on the lookout for a new-build yacht to use in the Mediterranean.

The client’s brief for Haze, however, called for Lawson Robb to first select and commission the yacht’s build and then to pen its interior. It was crucial both chimed with his tastes and lifestyle. “The yacht was an extension of our relationship with the client,” says Iain Johnson, director & head of residential at Rigby & Rigby. “We have in-depth knowledge of the client’s personal tastes and were able to analyse both available boats and builds to make the decision-making process a little easier.”

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