Rigby & Rigby's new 360 application enhances client experience during the construction stage

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Rigby & Rigby’s new 360 application enhances client experience during the construction stage

Rigby and Rigby’s 360 is the latest addition to the Rigby and Rigby Application library. The Panoramic (Equirectangular) Viewer allows prospective buyers to view the ‘finished article’ during the construction stage of the project, along with visibility of 360-degree photography of on-going site progress. Using three dimensional equirectangular imagery, the application uses the phones gyro technology or swiper rotation to create an experience where the view can physically interact with the content. 

Rigby and Rigby are pleased to announce the release of their second IOS application, which is already proving a huge success in the current climate. Rigby & Rigby have worked closely with the application team to bring 360-degree content directly to mobile devices. Client visibility and interaction with project material is key to the design journey especially where national and international restrictions apply.

As the world around us becomes more technologically advanced, it was important Rigby & Rigby review and update their methods of presenting. This new application is just one example of Rigby & Rigby continued commitment to push boundaries and use innovative technology to enhance the client experience. (This isn’t the first time Rigby and Rigby have used technology to enhance client experience). As a natural progression and extension to the Rigby and Rigby AR application, where users can review project content virtually, the new application allows the client to experience the project in a totally new and exciting way.

The content can be delivered via two separate means. Firstly, the app allows a user to upload directly from their device – broadening the app’s usage to the wider market; and secondly, via a dedicated online dashboard (managed by Rigby & Rigby) providing project content directly to our Clients device, using secure log-on credentials.

“The team and I are really pleased with the final product and its ability to bring all our Client’s a little closer to their projects, particularly where travel may be challenging. Furthermore, it’s great to reach a wider audience and provide the industry with an invaluable tool for enhanced visibility of project imagery” Paul Jones – Associate Director

If you are interested in experiencing the app for yourself, you can download the app from the app store here.

Once you have downloaded the App, you can click access to ‘Guest’ section where content has been pre-uploaded and can be viewed by the user with example projects.

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