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Rigby & Rigby’s Automative Art: Featured in Sunday Times Home

Originally a practical move to increase space in super-prime central London, vertical car lifts are becoming something of a feature within the most exclusive luxury residences in the capital. They can increase parking space several times over.

Rigby & Rigby has extensive experience in working with planners to secure permission for discreet subterranean parking that is invisible at road level. A recent Knightsbridge Mews property saw capacity trebled to three cars – all accessible at the touch of a button. The framework of the car lifts, though practical and industrial by nature, are designed to be minimal in its design and so naturally offer a good view of the cars. For Rigby & Rigby this represented an opportunity to make a statement within the Mews property, which was owned by a car-loving client.

Designers took reference from the industrial structure, adding shuttered concrete-effect plaster and a glass wall separating the garage from the adjacent media room and bar. A bespoke lighting scheme further illuminates the vehicles, adding to the sense of space within the media room and creating a dramatic work of art from the cars, lift and garage.

We are currently installing a bespoke-built car stacker that can house seven cars, in another Knightsbridge residence, all accessed through a single garage door so stay tuned.

The luxurious car stacker was featured in the Sunday Times.

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