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Rigby & Rigby X TechnoGym Wellness Village – Theory & Research

The Rigby & Rigby team had the pleasure to visit the Technogym wellness village earlier this year, enclosed are highlights from the visit.

Technogym is an Italian company that specialise in the design and manufacture of equipment and digital solutions for the fitness industry. Whether you work within the industry or the health and wellness area or you just simply enjoy exercising, Technogym is the brand known by all. But did you know that they created the world’s first wellness campus where the wellness vision comes to life.

, Rigby & Rigby X TechnoGym Wellness Village – Theory & Research

‘‘Spreading the wellness lifestyle, engaging physical activity, correct nutrition, and a positive mindset: the more people we inspire to make these a habit, the better the quality of life on the planet.’’

, Rigby & Rigby X TechnoGym Wellness Village – Theory & Research

First fitness equipment created by Nerio Alessandri.

How it all started:

The story of Technogym began when Nerio Alessandri, at the age of 22, designed and built his own fitness equipment in his garage. He had a passion for fitness and saw a need for innovative and high-quality equipment in the market. Alessandri’s initial creation was a simple, but effective, homemade weightlifting machine. Recognising the potential of his invention, Alessandri founded Technogym with the aim of revolutionizing the fitness industry.

The company’s initial focus was on designing and manufacturing high-quality fitness equipment, but Technogym quickly revolutionised the industry by incorporating advanced technology and biomechanics into their equipment.

In the 1990s, Technogym gained international recognition and popularity, becoming a leading player in the fitness equipment market.

Over the years, they developed a comprehensive digital ecosystem, allowing users to track workouts, access personalised training programs, and connect with trainers and other fitness enthusiasts. Technogym’s commitment to innovation and quality earned them partnerships with major international events and sports teams. they became the official supplier of fitness equipment for several Olympic games.

Today, Technogym is a leading name in the fitness industry, known for its innovative and high-quality fitness equipment and digital solutions. The company continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of consumers, aiming to inspire and enable people to live healthier and more active lives.

, Rigby & Rigby X TechnoGym Wellness Village – Theory & Research

As interior designers we appreciate how Technogym care about innovation and high-quality fitness equipment but also about the aesthetic of the equipment. The Technogym personal line designed with Antonio Citterio is the perfect complement to any interior scheme. The contemporary finishes such as polished aluminium, soft black and a range of coloured leathers make these pieces everlasting and very suitable to a luxury home gym.

Technogym has taken a step forward and has recently created a limited-edition collaboration with the luxury brand Dior. Two excellent brands coming together to inspire a lifestyle of exercise and style to the new generations.

Nerio Alessandri states: “this shared goal of excellence gives life to a limited series of innovative Technogym products interpreted with the Maison Dior’s unique allure. Created to inspire the concept of wellness with new generations, it also offers people the opportunity to live a unique and irresistible experience.”

, Rigby & Rigby X TechnoGym Wellness Village – Theory & Research


The founder, Nerio Alessandri and Pierluigi Alessandri, vice-president, created together with architect Antonio Citterio an eco-sustainable, yet functional and elegant campus that represents the philosophy of the brand. The Technogym village is located in Cesena, Italy and was revealed in 2012. The campus consists of production facilities, the Technogym University, an innovation centre, offices, a restaurant, and a wellness area. On the south side, towards the park, are the offices protected by the curved rooftop, the north side holds the operational facilities, and it looks over the undulated roof.

The architecture underlines the relationship between the inside and the outside through glass partitions and the integration of natural materials in the interiors.

, Rigby & Rigby X TechnoGym Wellness Village – Theory & Research

The interiors are minimalistic, with three main materials used throughout: glass, wood, and steel. These have not only been chosen for aesthetic reasons but for performance & contributing to the philosophy to create an eco-sustainability and a bio-architecture logic.

The gym is housed in a two-level area facing the park. This impressive space surround by natural materials & glass walls looks more like one of the Technogym showrooms displaying their latest gym equipment. The calm and harmonious interior is the perfect combination.

Rigby & Rigby X TECHNOGYM

Rigby & Rigby have been working with Technogym across multiple projects for over 15 years. Our philosophies align: to design and deliver high end spaces within unique projects & properties. Having visited the Technogym wellness village, and both seeing and using their products, we now have a better understanding of the product performance, their culture and what they are achieving as a market leader in physical wellness equipment.

We had an interesting discussion with their team where we shared our clients’ expectations, what the future looks like and how we can continue to integrate the Technogym product into our work. Our experience at their wellness village highlighted the willingness they have to listen and adapt their product thus providing a better and healthier future for the next generations. Always ahead of time, we cannot wait to see how Technogym will continue being a market leader in the health and wellness sector.

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