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Rigby & Rigby x Lusso

Alpine Escape

The Rigby & Rigby team are pleased to once again collaborate with Lusso on a collection of luxurious ski chalets. The Rigby & Rigby design aesthetic is born from architectural principles where less is indeed more: Considered simplicity, designed for the ultimate sophistication. This ski chalet design is a fusion of modern luxury and local materials, a beautiful concoction of sympathetic detailing and traditional craftmanship.

, Rigby & Rigby x Lusso

Established decades ago in London, Rigby & Rigby are committed to architectural mastery, innovative design, sustainable technology and unwavering attention to detail. Their appeal is international, and whilst their reputation is high end residential, their portfolio is a collection of single family homes, multi unit developments, private family offices, hotels, yachts and one of a kind projects such as cars, jets & furniture.

, Rigby & Rigby x Lusso

Comment from James Ashfield, Studio Director of Interior Design at Rigby & Rigby:

‘For clients seeking an escape from the urban chaos, these winter retreats offer an exciting home away from home. Picture snow capped peaks, pine trees and log fires: an enticing refuge where modern luxury living is blended with the rustic charm of nature. Each chalet has been seamlessly developed with modern aesthetics, local sustainable materials and integrated technology.

, Rigby & Rigby x Lusso

Escaping to a winter wonderland not only offers a luxurious retreat but also boasts significant health benefits. The crisp fresh air of snowy landscapes, and engaging in winter pursuits such as skiing or hiking, enhances cardiovascular fitness and respiratory health. Above all, the chalets act as a social escape from the digital world, a place to be immersed in nature, surrounded by family and friends, and to enjoy an organic, sympathetic and healthier lifestyle.’

, Rigby & Rigby x Lusso

The Rigby & Rigby design team have embraced the serene landscape and channelled the views. The natural palette complements the landscape, thus creating an indoor outdoor experience and endless views across forests and mountains. The end user is connected to nature and disconnected from distraction. From the space planning to the technology, every detail is considered. Both Lusso & Rigby & Rigby are aligned in the high end market and focus on attention to detail, quality and craftmanship, both brands strive to design and deliver products & homes that exceed expectation.

, Rigby & Rigby x Lusso

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