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Rigby & Rigby x Delta Light

A visit to the Delta Light HQ in Belgium can offer numerous benefits for designers, providing them with valuable insights and enhancing the overall design process.

Rigby & Rigby recently had the opportunity to visit the Delta Light HQ in Belgium, and the experience proved to be invaluable. Stepping into the heart of the company, we gained a deeper understanding of their products, design philosophy, and commitment to quality.

, Rigby & Rigby x Delta Light

Witnessing the manufacturing process first-hand allowed us to appreciate the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship involved in creating their lighting fixtures. It was enlightening to see the dedication of the workers and the precision with which each product was assembled.

Being on-site provided Rigby & Rigby with an opportunity to engage with the Delta Light’s suppliers. Interacting with them not only fostered a sense of partnership but also enabled the team to comprehend the intricate supply chain behind the creation of their lighting solutions. Understanding the sourcing of materials and the relationships Delta Light has established with their suppliers contributed to our confidence in the quality and reliability of their products.

The visit also offered a chance to witness the company’s commitment to sustainable practices. Delta Light’s focus on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility was evident throughout their production processes. Seeing their dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing first-hand resonated with Rigby & Rigby values as designers who strives to create sustainable and responsible designs.

The visit also provided us with an opportunity to explore Delta Light’s showroom, where their extensive range of lighting fixtures was on display. Examining the products in person allowed us to appreciate their design details, material choices, and the quality of light they emitted. This experience significantly influenced the perception of the products and will help understanding how they would integrate into our future design projects.

, Rigby & Rigby x Delta Light

Visiting the Delta Light headquarters reinforced the importance of establishing a strong connection between designers and suppliers. Seeing the manufacturing process, engaging with suppliers, and exploring the showroom enhanced my understanding of Delta Light’s product range and their commitment to delivering excellence. By immersing ourselves in the Delta Light experience, we gained valuable knowledge that directly impacted my design process. It allowed us to confidently recommend and specify their products, knowing that they meet the highest standards of quality, sustainability, and design innovation.

In conclusion, visiting the Delta Light HQ in Belgium was a transformative experience for Rigby & Rigby. It broadened our perspective, strengthened our relationship with the company and its suppliers, and ultimately equipped us to provide to our clients with the best lighting solutions available.

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