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Rigby & Rigby x Blaasmo Art Advisory: The Next Generation of Art Collectors

Blaasmo Art Advisory, founded by Truls Blaasmo, is an independent art advisory and collection management consultancy. With over 10 years’ experience of working internationally, Truls helps clients to navigate all aspects of the art market with his exceptional guidance. Rigby & Rigby have collaborated with Blaasmo Art Advisory on several projects in the UK and globally to advise private clients on their art collection and tying it into their interior design scheme. Truls is the first in a series of advisors and consultants to be profiled in collaboration with Rigby & Rigby. He shares his insights into the art industry through his own perspective and philosophy that “above all, art should be fun”.

The Next Generation of Art Collectors: How to engage kids and why?

One of the most beautiful things about art is that it can tell stories that span generations. We can have a piece in our house that was bought by our grandparents, and in the same way we can make sure that works we buy today, are enjoyed by our grandchildren. This is not purely for financial advantage but also a cultural one. To grow up in a house with art on the walls, creates a priceless connection with art and culture. We become accustomed to being surrounded by things that please, provoke and engage us. It allows us a window into what was once contemporary culture; providing us with a piece of history that our family members lived. It is important, therefore, that the works stay alive, that we continue to provide the context in order for the next generation to connect to it, the past, and to us, in the way we have. This requires us to actively involve children in art, not just conceptually at a museum, but also tangibly with pieces of art within the home.

The following three tips are simple ways to start the conversation with your children of any age to make them informed future inheritors of art as well as educate them in how to appreciate art to its fullest extent.

1. Make the art works accessible. When we are too worried about the works, they become too precious in the minds of others and in turn creates a distance which makes it harder for them to understand their beauty. A fun and engaging way to ensure accessibility with young children, is by putting their drawings on the wall, right next to their favourite artwork. This shows them how much you value their opinion as well as their contribution.

2. Tell your children the artist’s story and how the work came to be in your possession. Show them not just the work you have, but their entire oeuvre, so that they don’t just connect to the work itself, but also to the work in the context of the world, and your home.

3. Take them to art galleries and involve them in the buying process from a young age. Show them how the process works and why you buy what you buy. Seeing your voice in action will make it easier for them to cultivate their own art collection in the future.

This article was guest written by Truls Blaasmo, Founder of Blaasmo Art Advisory.

Photo: Truls Blaasmo

Sculpture: Yves Rasch


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