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Rigby & Rigby x Blaasmo Art Advisory: The Artwork on your Walls

Blaasmo Art Advisory, founded by Truls Blaasmo, is an independent art advisory and collection management consultancy. With over 10 years’ experience of working internationally, Truls helps clients to navigate all aspects of the art market with his exceptional guidance. Rigby & Rigby have collaborated with Blaasmo Art Advisory on several projects in the UK and globally to advise private clients on their art collection and tying it into their interior design scheme. Truls is the first in a series of advisors and consultants to be profiled in collaboration with Rigby & Rigby. He shares his insights into the art industry through his own perspective and philosophy that “above all, art should be fun”.

The Artwork on your Walls: How to live with Art

When we think of art pieces, we often imagine a life-long commitment. We imagine it will be on our walls forever; so it’s not just a big decision, it’s a black and white one. But much like buying a house, buying art is not always till death do us part. The house or the walls might change, and so can our minds. This constant movement is part of the art market and is what makes it so dynamic and exciting. Neither the market, nor the work is a static landscape we will look at forever, it is an element that merges but also communicates with its surroundings. In our daily lives this means we can come to think of the art works as playful pieces to live with, making buying them not as daunting. Something that can help us to do this is learning more about the artist and the process behind the work. Knowing how and why something came to be gives the work a story that we can become part of and carry on by sharing it with friends and family or indeed with the next person owning the work. It also allows us to understand ourselves as only one part of the puzzle, a meaningful keeper of a work, for however long we wish to be. Living with art is a rewarding experience, especially when it is placed as the centre of attention in your space as a platform that you can use to challenge yourself or engage with others.

Here are three tips to make art work best at home:

1. Be your own in-house curator. Play around with the pieces and create a dialogue between everything in the house. Install a flexible art hanging system in your house to make this process as easy and manageable as possible.

2. Apply curiosity in seeing the artwork unfold as well as the discussion around it. Motivating yourself to get involved allows you to see the work in a different light every day.

3. Continually ask advice from specialists such as advisors and gallerists. It allows you to reinterpret your works so you are aware of where you and your works stand in the greater conversation surrounding art and culture.

This article was guest written by Truls Blaasmo, Founder of Blaasmo Art Advisory.

Artwork: Philippe Zumstein 

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