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Rigby & Rigby Utilise Innovative Technology to Improve User Experience

In a considered effort to improve our user experience and to keep our loyal private clients up to date with the latest progress on our projects from our delivery team, Rigby & Rigby have been utilising new technology to improve our communications with our international clients.

The complications of not being able to meet face to face due to the worlds unfortunate condition caused by COVID-19 and the travel restrictions that are in place hasn’t meant that we have paused, we have been working successfully worldwide for years and with video calls, cloud-based dynamic storage and live access to information and instructions we are constantly evolving and refining our offering. We all hope that it’s not long until we are able to see our clients regularly again! Best wishes to all at this time.

Rigby & Rigby has recently deployed some contemporary software to make our user experience better for our clients in real-time on a monthly basis. Responding to the world’s condition enforced by COVID measures, we have provided a responsive system that shows how adaptable and focused we are on our client experience and journey with our business. We believe this is an amazing way to review, refine and respond to clients requests and observations, soon to be rolled out across all of our construction and delivery projects!

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