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Rigby & Rigby use Augmented Reality to assist the evolution of their design projects.

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Rigby and Rigby have recently completed a refresh of their augmented reality app to assist with the realisation and design evolution of their design projects worldwide. The application allows private Clients and professional teams to review project content three-dimensionally on their mobile, with a private project target which activates and reveals hidden content.

The app enhances communication and elevates our client experience with the possibility of additional visual output, such as cinematic motion and stills, meaning the Rigby and Rigby team can present a variety of engaging content remotely. This allows for rapid evolution of the design detail and the ability to review progress via layers, mapping project progression.

Privacy is a key driver for Rigby & Rigby and its requirement remained a key consideration with the application development team. The content is only visible via dedicated private client activators, ensuring that only those with a bespoke ‘geometric code’ can see dedicated and accurate project data.

Rigby and Rigby continue to successfully work with clients across the globe and the opportunity of remote visibility allows enhanced levels of content interaction in a time where travel and movement is heavily restricted. The application also allows for public content, showcasing exceptional project material for a wider audience.

“Rigby & Rigby pride ourselves in the way in which the project journey is mapped for our Client’s.Their interaction and ability to engage with evolving content and design progression, is key to ensuring project success. As a studio we have been working internationally with enhanced cloud-based technology for many years, but this additional capability at this time is welcomed. This enhanced level of remote visibility, during a time when considerable movement restrictions apply, shows our continued commitment to our Clients. Maintaining project access and ensuring that we are listening to their feedback, problem solving and creating solutions ensures that the finished product is beyond their expectations” Iain Johnson CEO rigbyandrigby.com

Learn more about Rigby and Rigby’s new ‘360 Application’ here

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