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16:27 PM / 26th September 2023

Rigby & Rigby reveal latest images of first castle in 100 years

Working alongside Stephenson Studio, Rigby & Rigby will bring a contemporary take on the castles original form, and this will be the first new castle built within 100 years within the UK.

Stratford upon Avon District Council granted consent for the Manchester-based practice’s 1,000m2 scheme near the Warwickshire village of Wixford. The existing house on the site includes a tower from an even earlier castle built on the site in the early 19th century, which was in a ‘serious state of disrepair. This new-build house replaces the extant ‘Oversley Castle’, which was originally constructed as a ‘Folly Castle’ at the suggestion of the Prince Regent during one of his frequent visits to Lord and Lady Hertford at the neighbouring Ragley Hall.

, Rigby & Rigby reveal latest images of first castle in 100 years

The design is for a contemporary family home that visually makes reference to fortified castles. Its proposals will create a modern home for a ‘young growing family’ and ‘guarantee the sustainability of Oversley Castle for the next 300 years and beyond’ according to planning documents. The house will be ‘as near to net-zero energy’ as possible and will feature high levels of insulation and airtightness; photovoltaic slates on the roof; a rotary wind turbine within the estate; an air source heat pump; and green flat roofs.

The new ‘castle’ accommodates living quarters, a bedroom block, pool, gym, an internal courtyard, loggia, and car court.

Open-jointed Purbeck random coursed stone walls will be contrasted with diamond-sawn stone lintels and bronze powder coated window frames in the new house, while a bedroom block will feature oak cladding. The home will feature five floors and integral garages with space for four cars.

, Rigby & Rigby reveal latest images of first castle in 100 years

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