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Rigby & Rigby Features on The Mayfair Times

Rigby & Rigby’s speciality in designing luxury car garages has been profiled in The Mayfair Times. The article “Gadgets Go Home” looks at creating bespoke garages with commentary from Iain Johnson at Rigby & Rigby.

“Discerning clients are valuing collectables more than ever. Car are continuing to be sought after, from vintage classics to modern-day luxury sports cars. Clients are seeking unique and personalised ways to store their vehicles which has resulted in the rise of installing garages at home”.

“The design of a garage must respond to a range of restrictions in relation to regulations, as well as the client’s brief and space limitations.” These include ensuring garages are preserved with temperature and humidity-controlled zones, robust floor finishes, “leather-lined padded walls for door protection when opening…and focal lighting to accentuate the vehicle’s curves and personalised number plates.”

The article focusses closely on Rigby & Rigby’s Project SW7 052 where Iain describes the garage designed in the mews property:

“We designed a car stacker garage as a key component in the basement media room with the same level of detailing as the rest of the house and incorporated both aesthetics and functionality. The garage seamlessly transported the client’s car from ground level into the media room where it remained on display. Carefully positioning the car’s charging points into the base of the garage and an enclosed cupboard for keys ensured that the garage had a clean appearance and displayed the car like in a gallery.”

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