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02:43 AM / 30th September 2023

Rigby & Rigby develop bespoke furniture for Project Oslo 195

Rigby & Rigby take pride in working with local artisans and craftsmen to design and create unique and beautiful pieces of furniture that tell a story. For our 195 Oslo project, we worked with a British workshop to design a solid timber bench that makes reference to the location of the property on an island in Oslo, Norway. The property is surrounded by the waters of the Inner Oslofjord and we wanted to relate the calm waves of the enveloping water to the hand-carved undulating form of the bench.

We worked with the local company in every step of the design and manufacture process; from selecting the tree to carving out the exact contour of the final profile. We are proud to be working with sustainable materials and supporting local businesses in the UK.

Our interior design team love creating personalised custom designs tailored to every client and every special project.

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