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Rigby & Rigby Collaborates with FluidOne

Rigby & Rigby is proud to be collaborating with FluidOne, one of the UK’s leading connectivity platforms. The company will be providing a range of technical solutions on all new residential addresses for Rigby & Rigby. This will include high speed data connectivity and storage, as well as the state-of-the-art processes and solutions in technology, security, safety and privacy.

Previously owned by the Rigby Group Plc, FluidOne is a market-leading network aggregator delivering services via their national fibre network, Platform One. The vision of FluidOne is to be the best quality data connectivity provider to UK businesses, helping customers and partners to securely connect any device, wherever they may be, to their mission-critical applications and data. Their customers range from FTSE100 companies, to a wide range of UK and international telecom businesses. FluidOne is arguably the most complete connectivity platform in the UK.

Rigby & Rigby is excited about this collaboration with FluidOne, enhancing the technical capabilities of our designs inside our client’s properties. Here are a number of features that FluidOne will be enabling:

  • Enabled cost savings when the property is vacant and high bandwidth when in use by using EOD product
  • Providing highly secure internet connectivity that is controlled by our core network
  • Shadow VLAN at datacentre end for more resilient connectivity on a single leased line
  • Superior support SLA and account management allowing Allect to deliver better services to their customers

For further information, please visit FluidOne’s website here.

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