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Rigby & Rigby Celebrates Positive Progress in Niseko – NSK 147

Rigby & Rigby have recently concluded a project team visit to Niseko, in the Hokkaido region of Japan, to assess progress in the construction of a new guest and operational building for a much valued client to support their principal Chalet designed by the world renowned Kengo Kuma with FF&E design supported by Rigby & Rigby. View Project NSK 147 here

The highly-anticipated development involves the construction of an unique proposal, designed to provide social spaces and guest accommodation supporting the principal chalet use. Vehicles, snow mobiles, and ski and snowboarding equipment will all be housed here. As the completion date approaches, we are pleased to announce that the project is on track for successful delivery prior to the winter season 2023/2024.

, Rigby & Rigby Celebrates Positive Progress in Niseko – NSK 147

The building, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Niseko – a prized skiing destination – has garnered significant attention for its minimal, contemporary, layered design, and carefully considered details. During the recent visit, the project team was delighted to witness the remarkable progress made on the site. Thanks to the continued co-operation between Rigby & Rigby and the Japan-based Project Management Team from H2 Group lead by Hiro-san and Joey-san, the project has consistently exceeded expectations at each delivery stage of its design and construction.

A key factor contributing to the project’s success has been the project team’s dedication to a collaborative approach. Rigby & Rigby has worked hand-in-hand with H2 Group and Japanese contractor, Sudo Construction, fostering a strong partnership built on trust, respect, and regular, open communication. This approach has facilitated the smooth integration of expertise, ideas, and local know-how, resulting in a project that seamlessly blends international standards with revered Japanese craftsmanship.

, Rigby & Rigby Celebrates Positive Progress in Niseko – NSK 147

“The successful progress we’ve witnessed on the Niseko project is a testament to the power of collaboration and international exchange. Working closely with the Japanese project management team and contractor has allowed us to understand and incorporate the nuances of the local environment while upholding our commitment to excellence. We are delighted to see the project reaching completion as planned. It’s a little monument in the Niseko landscape with an unbelievable view of Mount Yotei” Iain Johnson, CEO & Founder

The positive feedback received from our client further underscores the project’s achievements. They have expressed great satisfaction with the ongoing construction in a quick timeframe and have conveyed their appreciation for the attention to detail which has created such a seamless blend between minimalist architecture, and the Nordic and Japanese aesthetics that they have admired for many years.

, Rigby & Rigby Celebrates Positive Progress in Niseko – NSK 147

As the project heads into its final stages, Rigby & Rigby remains committed to delivering a world-class scheme that not only meets our rigorous design standards but also celebrates the rich cultural context of Niseko and its leading reputation for the enjoyment of winter sports. With a spirit of collaboration at the forefront, we look forward to further strengthening our partnership with the local teams in delivering a landmark project that will be cherished for years to come.

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