Rigby & Rigby are Featured in SBID 'Stylish Apartment Inspirations for Upgrading your Home Interiors' – Rigby & Rigby

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Rigby & Rigby are Featured in SBID ‘Stylish Apartment Inspirations for Upgrading your Home Interiors’

This month, Rigby and Rigby’s Project WC2B 130 has been featured in “stylish interior inspirations” from the SBID Awards. Many people are looking to upgrade tired interiors now we’re spending so much more time at home. We are proud that our work is featured alongside other industry-leading interior designers for award-worthy styling ideas.

Rigby & Rigby had the opportunity to develop and drive a full-scale revision of two contemporary residential apartments, one lateral and one duplex penthouse in the central thoroughfare of Covent Garden. The brief was to provide a design scheme, which accentuates the original features of the building with contemporary furniture and fittings. With close proximity to Covent Garden, the scheme captures the dynamic and vibrant atmosphere of its surroundings, while marrying with the traditional Edwardian architecture of its own, and its neighbouring buildings.

The client commissioned Rigby & Rigby to develop a strong and striking design, one that echoed the colourful visuals of its postcode whilst being a welcoming home. At the heart of the property is a large, open-plan living space, allowing for a truly social environment to host and entertain guests. The space includes a relaxed seating area, formal dining and a bar. The table seats eight people for large dinners and the discreet bespoke bar, which fits behind pocket doors, takes the room from day to night time use. By incorporating colours and contemporary furniture this unique property has a practical yet elegant approach.

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