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Rigby & Rigby are delighted to announce that Tania Blanco has been promoted to Senior Designer within the Interior Design team.

Tania has 8 years industry experience and has worked on projects within London’s famous skyscrapers. She has been at Rigby & Rigby for nearly three years and upon joining she immediately designed and delivered a high end residence in Belgravia, London. She has been instrumental in delivering Rigby & Rigby’s design for a Private Family Office in Oslo, Norway, having designed and developed the joinery package and custom furniture and artwork. Tania is an integral part of the team for Lancelot House, Rigby & Rigby’s flagship private development in Knightsbridge, London, where she has designed important interior design packages and is currently realising them on site. Tania’s love of art, colour and pattern is a fun aspect that’s been incorporated into projects, she has incorporated a custom ‘leopard print’ pattern wallpaper into an upcoming confidential project.


James Ashfield – Rigby & Rigby Interior Design Studio Director:

“Tania is very committed and has an incredible attitude towards people and projects. She is a fantastic interior designer, such a hard worker, highly creative and dedicated. Over the past months and years she has successfully delivered both domestic and international projects. We are recognising her passion and commitment to projects, her promotion is well deserved and I look forward to delivering many more incredible projects with her.”


Tania Blanco – Rigby & Rigby Interior Design Senior Designer:

“This promotion plays a huge role in developing my abilities to contribute to the growth of the company. The projects I have worked on have challenged me personally and professionally and Rigby and Rigby’s continued support encourages me to accomplish much more on the exciting new projects I am involved on. Thank you to the whole team for the support received to help me achieve this promotion. I look forward to being part of the ongoing success of Rigby and Rigby.”

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