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Rigby & Rigby’s “glamorous” Grosvenor Square pad

Luxurious Magazine has delved into the history of Rigby and Rigby’s Grosvenor Square to find the Art Deco and Art Nouveau influences that have inspired the stunning redevelopment of the three-bed lateral apartment.

The article concludes that “through skilful renovation, Rigby and Rigby have created a contemporary design, which also exudes the glamour of the 1900s-1920s” and speculates that art lovers and those looking for creative inspiration may be amongst the potential buyers keen on the apartment’s glamorous design and spectacular, central location.

Luxurious Magazine has one of the largest combined cross-platform audiences in the world in the field of luxury and lifestyle news media and is the world’s most viewed magazine/publication page on Google Plus with in excess of 870 million views.

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