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​Rigby & Rigby takes on the elements for charity

Rigby Group Chief Executive Steve Rigby and Rigby and Rigby Director Iain Johnson have recently returned from a gruelling expedition to Norway, raising £56,000 for a range of charities including Place2Be, SportsAid, Save The Rhino, Kids on Track and mental health charity Mind.

The N60O expedition sees participants trek, ski, sled and run more than 115km in one of the world’s most stunning and remote wildernesses – the same place where Scott trained for his Arctic expedition. Starting in Hemesdal and arriving, a week later, in Geilo, Steve and Iain undertook 65km of cross country skiing, snow trekked 38km and skied a further 12km, camping out each night in temperatures as low as -24 degrees.

“The experience took our breath away – often literally, given the extreme temperatures – giving us the opportunity to test our physical and emotional capabilities in such extraordinarily beautiful surroundings.

“By day we explored whilst racing through snow covered forests, dramatic mountain ranges and stark, empty plateaus that stretched much farther than the eye could see. At night we shared stories around the campfire with our fellow explorers, ate freeze packed food and tried to rest and recover before bedding down for the night, under the stars, physically exhausted from our journey.

“This was first and foremost a personal challenge, but the opportunity to raise so much money for these amazing charities in the process helped to spur us on when the going got hard, and makes the memories of the expedition even more special.”

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