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Rigby & Rigby supports children’s charity Place2Be

A recent Stratstone of Mayfair Charity Shoot, which was held at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School and sponsored by Rigby and Rigby, raised valuable funds for Place2Be – a UK wide children’s mental health charity.

UK Place2Be has been working with children in schools for more than 22 years. Place2Be now works with more than 250 schools across the UK and, last year alone, the charity supported more than 30,000 children who referred themselves to its services, with the help of 911 volunteer councillors.

The charity also received a further fundraising boost of £650 thanks to a winning auction bid made by Rigby and Rigby during the event.

Olivia Curno, Director of Fundraising for the charity expressed her gratitude for the donation: “Thank you for your wonderful support and belief in what we do. We are so grateful for your support of the foundation.”

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