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Rigby & Rigby commended on sensitive development proposals for Grade II listed Building

Rigby and Rigby’s award-winning Architectural Studio has been commended, by the respected MADE Design Review panel, for the ‘considerable lengths’ they have gone to in developing plans for the sensitive extension of a listed building on greenbelt land and their ‘willingness to explore a wide range of solutions, in order to establish…the optimum scheme.’

MADE is a respected organisation promoting good design within the built environment, providing expert advice for those making decisions about places and nurturing the next generation of design professionals.

MADE’s Design Review panel, which is made up of experienced professionals including architects, urban designers, engineers, transport planners, sustainability experts and landscape architects, helps developers, architects and local authorities to speed up planning, save money and create high quality places by providing independent, objective, expert feedback on the design of proposed developments.

Rigby and Rigby’s design, which adds an extension to the Grade II listed building, reflects the character of the original historical form and is sensitive to the scale, materials and design of the existing collection buildings in which it will sit, something that the MADE Design Review panel commented upon in their findings.

Providing feedback on ways in which Rigby and Rigby could further enhance the design, MADE Chief Executive Meredith Evans concluded that the panel found that that the proposals paved the way for ‘a high-quality scheme…that was architecturally worthy in its own right and which also complemented the setting and character of the existing listed building.’

Head of Residential Iain Johnson commented, “The process we have engaged in to produce the design proposals has been of absolute integrity; we are referencing cultural and local vernacular as well as drawing upon the proportion and scale of the host listed building. We are privileged to be given such a positive commendation from MADE. The process which, is supported in the National Planning Policy Framework, encourages engagement with a design review panel when faced with challenging circumstances and this is key as it enables specialists in their respective fields to independently review scheme proposals and provide an educated response in a collaborative environment. The result supports good quality design, sustainability and place making – something that is at the core of every single project Rigby and Rigby engages in. We will continue to strive for excellence and ultimately ensure that the scheme proposals are extremely well considered and the client achieves the optimum outcome.”

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