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Rigby & Rigby celebrates £50m St Saviours House with ‘New into Old’

Rigby and Rigby has showcased its work in transforming a former central London church into a stunning £50m home, through a submission to Architectural Review for their ‘New into Old’ awards.

The Saint Saviour’s House development, in Knightsbridge, involved the substantial restoration of a former church, close to Harrods, extending it into an 11,500 square feet home complete with a striking glass and bronze lift, which rises towards the vaulted ceiling some 13 metres above.

St Saviour’s House is perhaps one of Rigby and Rigby’s most unique developments to date and has also become one of its most celebrated – achieving the prestigious International Design and Architecture Award (Property over £20m).

Architectural Review’s ‘New into Old’ awards champion creative re-use by celebrating architectural achievement where ‘design has been deployed to prolong the active life of existing fabric and structure through imaginative additions and adaptation’.

Adds the publication: “The intention of the awards is partly to celebrate the strength of the original architecture, which has proved capable of being adapted to new uses; but also to celebrate the quality of new insertions which make creative re-use possible.

“The Architectural Review has long championed creative re-use and the subject has become of significant new interest because of the carbon implications of retrofit, rather than replacement.”

View PDF of the submission here

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