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NCE 201

Project: Hotel
Location: Côte d'Azur, France

NCE 201

Rigby & Rigby is behind the interior design of 17 keys in the Aero Wing of The Mabybourne Riviera, set to open its doors in May 2021. The hotel is the latest addition to the Maybourne Hotel Group that counts the iconic London hotels, Claridge’s, The Connaught and The Berkeley to their portfolio. Located on the Grand Corniche in France, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, The Maybourne Riviera offers 180 degrees panoramic views, from the Principality of Monaco to the Italian Riviera. 

The soaring positioning of the hotel and the close proximity to the allure and ‘yacht-set’ of Monaco and the Cote D’Azur set the foundation for Rigby & Rigby’s design concept. The juxtaposition of glamour and serenity – in many ways the definition of modern day luxury living, was a natural starting point for Rigby & Rigby whose style is defined as understated, refined luxury. Award-winning ultra-prime design and delivery specialists in the luxury residential market, Rigby & Rigby’s has been at the forefront in the industry with a research and development-led design approach, pushing boundaries to meet with an increasing demand for luxury design that promotes health and wellness; the studio is currently working on a 17,000 sq.ft private single residence in Knightsbridge that is the first ever WELL accredited residential project in the UK. 

This expertise from the residential sector appealed to The Maybourne Hotel Groups and their commitment to creating luxury experience that feels personal and authentic, a home away from home. 

The studio’s experience in yacht design plays a pivitol part in the design of the Maybourne Riveria. The Maybourne Group felt that knowing Rigby and Rigby’s exceptional background in yacht design, most recently completing Yacht Phi the world’s longest motor yacht below 500GT, that they could encapture the elements around the hotel, ensuring the location and history of yachting sits perfectly with the external architecture of the hotel and internal design.

The design team’s holistic approach started with the individual natural elements surrounding the hotel, identifying how to incorporate this in the design to contribute to the wellness for the modern day luxury traveller. The cantilevered positioning of the hotel, rising through the mist of the sea, in competition with the clouds gives rise to a feeling of serenity. A light and airy experience that could be defined as a blurred line between floating and flying – akin to the new revolution of hydro foiling in yachting. This reference of cantilevered, engineered and contemporary – yet with the heritage and luxury that yachting represents, can be seen in subtle details in the rooms designed by Rigby & Rigby. Soft curves, a reference to yacht design also adds to the perception of balance and harmony, a sense of flow that provides a calm atmosphere for the guest, but also a sense of excitement as a contrast to the geometry of the external architecture.

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