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Paris Design Week THG 2023 – Theory & Research

In September we were very grateful to be part of a UK delegation of high-end residential interior designers to attend Paris Design Week, as hosted by the London branch of ‘THG Paris’. THG Paris has an esteemed reputation for producing some of the finest bathroom fittings and accessories often in collaboration with French luxury power houses such as Daum, Lalique, Baccarat & Christofle to name but a few. This year THG Paris continued its highly successful partnership with Daum thus releasing the new Camelia collection.

, Paris Design Week THG 2023 – Theory & Research

The THG product range includes both modern and classical taps, catering to a wide spectrum of residential & development projects. At Rigby & Rigby we appreciate the brand’s timeless luxury and have recently installed their products in the master bathroom at a Chelsea townhouse full turnkey refurbishment near Kings Road. On the trip, we had the pleasure to engage with likeminded high-end residential design professionals and visit some of Paris’s finest interior spaces – we spent valuable time with our peers from Belmond, Morpheus & Co, Hill House Interiors, LVMH, Rinck & Anna Owens design. Enclosed are some of our findings from the trip. A big thank you to the THG London team, Alexandra, Luke and Fleur for their great hospitality. They provided a unique platform for us to connect, share insights, and build relationships within the luxury residential community.

, Paris Design Week THG 2023 – Theory & Research


During our visit, we attended Feau Boiseries, masters of woodwork and panelling, who had a beautiful gallery collaboration with the Invisible Collection. In each room, the backdrop was of historical panelled antiques, mostly from palaces and Chateaux’s, and in the centre of each room lay elegant and sleek furniture as a focal point. Feau Boiseries have the ability to transform any space into a work of art and their dedication to preserving the essence of French craftsmanship is evident in every intricate detail of their creations.

Their panels, intricately carved and handcrafted, serve as the perfect fusion of classic French & modern aesthetics. the exquisite mouldings and ornate motifs evoke the grandeur of bygone eras while remaining relevant in today’s design landscape. These woodwork creations can be tailored to suit a wide range of interior styles, from opulent and traditional to sleek and minimalist. The company’s vast selection of finishes, from richly stained woods to vibrant gold leaf, ensures that each piece can be customized to fit any design concept.

The Invisible Collection is a luxury furniture company that collaborates with renowned designers and artisans to create exclusive, limited-edition furniture pieces and home accessories. the appeal of their creations lies in the rarity and exclusivity of each item. One stand out piece was a marble desk with sleek & precise detailing, as designed by The Invisible Collection & Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, an AD 100 French designer.

, Paris Design Week THG 2023 – Theory & Research


We paid a visit to this hotel, adorned with THG products. named in homage to an illustrious LVMH-owned vineyard nestled in the prestigious wine haven of Saint-Emilion, Cheval Blanc Maison’s opulent legacy commenced its journey in the upscale alpine enclave of Courchevel back in 2006. It was here that a tradition was born, one that marries architectural charm with an enduring sense of refinement, crafting some of the globe’s most coveted havens of luxury. Within the realm of Cheval Blanc, meticulous devotion to detail is the cornerstone of design.

Cheval Blanc is an urban sanctuary, the design pays homage to Parisian heritage while seamlessly blending with contemporary aesthetics. Intricate mouldings and ornate chandeliers evoke the grandeur of the city’s historic architecture, while modern art pieces and sleek, minimalist accents provide a striking contrast. It’s a harmonious fusion of the old and the new, a testament to the city’s enduring allure. Renowned architect Peter Marino, a master of his craft and intimately acquainted with the LVMH ethos, undertook the remarkable task of crafting an establishment that would astonish and captivate. “I wanted everything to be new and unexpected. looking like it could have never been seen before. elegant, austere, unique,” Marino says. the omnipresence of LVMH’s illustrious brands is a testament to their commitment to excellence, manifesting in every aspect of the establishment, from the resplendent gold-buttoned uniforms designed by Patou to the subterranean haven of tranquillity, where the Dior spa awaits to soothe the senses.

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