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Monaco Yacht Show 2019: Top Superyacht Toys

With 30,000 visitors expected over the next 4 days, Monaco Yacht Show attracts 87% international visitors from all over the world, from prospective buyers, to superyacht builders and designers to suppliers. Situated in a picturesque port in France, Port Hercules, there will be 125 superyachts on display, alongside exciting water toys, cutting-edge nautical products, and even a helicopter.

The stable of water toys – from inflatables to electric surfboards and mini submarines – is always high on the list of priorities for sports-minded charter clients. In this blog, Rigby & Rigby takes a closer look at the toys on offer at this popular yacht show.

Top Superyacht Toys

U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3

At the Monaco Yacht Show, submarine manufacturer U-Boat Worx will have a handful of their high-tech subs on show. The Super Yacht Sub 3 is compact, lightweight with a virtually unimpeded view underwater. Weighing 3,800kg and less than 3.2 metres-long, the sub is made to fit in a superyacht tender garage and can dive to 300m with a top speed of three knots.

A retractable freeboard extender makes on-the-water boarding a breeze while the interior is kitted in out plush leather seats for comfortable cruising. Bonus features include a Bluetooth sound system and a cold-storage box. U-Boat Worx will also be showcasing their ocean research C-Explorer submarine and debuting their new seven-person Cruise Sub.

FunAir Toy Island

FunAir is set to launch its latest yacht inflatable, the Toy Island, at this year’s edition of Monaco Yacht Show. The first model was recently delivered to M/Y Latitude as a bespoke project in anticipation of its official launch at the show this month. The FunAir Toy Island is a brand new yacht inflatable that can attach to a superyacht as an extension of the swim platform, or be tethered to trail behind.

Designed to dock a variety of watercrafts away from the yacht so that multiple activities can happen at the same time, it can also be tethered from a secluded beach or jetty and used to securely dock watercrafts during beach days. The Island also features a stable platform that places the toys where the guests are and provides a central seat giving users a place to rest  or change safety gear between activities.

Wajer 55 S

Wajer is launching the Wajer 55 S: Lighter, faster and more versatile than its renowned 55 sibling. The new 55 S boasts Wajer’s trademark quality of finishing, interior design and performance. The centre console concept offers more space to walk, talk and chill on deck. The same goes for below decks where there’s room for four to six people to sleep and a fully equipped bathroom. The large amount of space to stow your sports gear is another very user-friendly aspect of the 55 S.

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