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Luxury home will breathe easy thanks to OKTOair – Ireland’s Electrical Magazine

Rigby & Rigby have been working alongside OKTO Technologies to deliver the 17,000 sq ft mansion Lancelot House. Located in one of London’s most prestigious addresses, with views of Harrods and steps from Hyde Park, Lancelot House is the perfect embodiment of prestigious living. It features six bedrooms, two apartments, a double-height swimming pool, spa, cinema, parking for nine cars via two-car stacking mechanisms, a roof terrace and a courtyard garden.

The project is the UK’s first residential WELL-certified single private residence. It’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence-led wellness system has been featured by Ireland’s Electrical Magazine.

The article reads:
OKTO’s Air Quality Management System (AQM) OKTOair is to be installed within the UK’s first residential WELL-certified single private residence. The artificial intelligence-led wellness system has been designed to provide clients and their families with the safest, purest air possible, eradicating viruses, natural allergens and pollens. 

Led by MD Philip Dowds, the smart buildings specialist firm has been selected to deliver and manage a fully bespoke and comprehensive AQM system at the 17,000sqft Lancelot House in Knightsbridge; the latest project by luxury architecture, interior design and delivery studio Rigby & Rigby. Philip and his team have designed a silent, compact system that will contribute to the enhancement of health and wellbeing with the most efficient air cleaning, discretely incorporated into void spaces, joinery and furniture units and fully integrated into the building’s mechanical ventilation systems. 

Recognised by the WELL Institute ahead of completion in 2022, Lancelot House will host OKTOair equipment across 17 main living spaces, with DFS filtration providing fresh air across the entire property’s main ventilation system. The intelligent sensors hidden inside and out will constantly take detailed air quality measurements including temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels. 

, Luxury home will breathe easy thanks to OKTOair – Ireland’s Electrical Magazine

Led by AI-technology, the fully-automated system determines how best to manage the air to attain ideal conditions, automatically ventilating and cleaning the air. Internal sensors will also determine how many people are in each room (ensuring minimal noise disturbance) and how they are using the space. This information allows the master system to adjust accordingly while taking into account external factors such as outside temperature, humidity, vehicular pollution and pollen levels. The indoor air is then cleaned in the most bespoke and tailored way possible relative to the number of guests using the space and their personal habits. The system will adjust to accommodate the presence of lit candles or leftover pollutants from cleaning whilst any common flu or virus particles are filtered and removed. 

Acting as the client’s personal butler, this advanced system can provide residents with a ‘real time’ air quality reading via its intuitive dashboards, allowing them to ‘see’ the quality of the air they are breathing (analysing ultrafine contaminants measuring one 1,000th of the width of a human hair), both in and outside the property. 

Designed to meet Rigby & Rigby’s exacting standards, engineers carried out rigorous testing to deliver a made-to-measure solution providing world-leading air filtration that runs at extremely low noise, pressure drop and energy levels. It will also allow users to adjust the airflow rates within the property, altering the number of air changes per hour based on household occupancy and air quality levels. Pre-set modes include; ‘purge’ (the fastest setting available), ‘normal’ (4-air changes per hour), standard (2-air changes per hour) and night (1 per hour). 

, Luxury home will breathe easy thanks to OKTOair – Ireland’s Electrical Magazine

Philip commented, “Ultra high-net-worth clients control everything in their lives down to the finest details and so far, the one thing they have not been able to control is the air they breathe, up until now. Indoor air pollution is an issue that has come to the fore in the past year and it is time developers and housebuilders recognised the impact superior air quality has on the health and wellbeing of its occupants. Rigby & Rigby is at the cutting edge of international real estate, embracing the role of wellbeing in residential design and meeting the exacting standards of the WELL certification. 

“As members of the WELL Institute ourselves, we are thrilled to be working with Rigby & Rigby and to be able to showcase our systems in such an architecturally unique environment. The calibre of air cleaning offered by OKTO resonated particularly strongly with the Rigby & Rigby team who place great emphasis on the level of wellbeing that can be curated in our homes.” 

Iain Johnson, Founder & CEO of Allect Design Group, commented, “We were looking to partner with an extremely sophisticated team and are fortunate to be working with Philip and the OKTO team on Lancelot House. There is a series of criteria that we set out to achieve and a balance between filtration, purification, size of installation and acoustic properties had to be met. Luckily with the expertise from OKTO, they have excelled on every level whilst being extremely proactive, collaborative and a pleasure to work with. I am confident that not only have we selected a team with tremendous technical know-how but we are working towards a common goal in providing a system which is intelligent and refined in the delivery of quality air. The measurement of this in our industry is very broad and we are able to confirm that this is the most sophisticated system we have seen and are very proud to be able to deliver this for our client!” 

Renowned for its full end-to-end service across BMS, lighting control, security, AV and IT for some of the UK’s finest hotels, super-prime developments and commercial spaces, OKTO Technologies launched its latest division ‘OKTOair’ in 2020.


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