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Lancelot House featured in PrimeResi

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In an article by PrimeResi exploring ‘How Knightsbridge is regaining its lost shine”, Rigby & Rigby’s project SW7 089, Lancelot House, was featured amongst other developments that are having a positive impact on the area.

The article reads

“After losing ground to other parts of prime central London over recent years, London’s glitziest district is polishing up nicely; join us on a whistle-stop tour of some of the area’s super-prime highlights, from the record-breaking private palace, to the ground-breaking developments putting the neighbourhood back in the spotlight…”

, Lancelot House featured in PrimeResi

The new-build super-mansion

One of the most exciting – and innovative – additions to the area is a brand new 17,000 square foot mansion just over the road from Harrods.

Lancelot House, an ultra-luxe private client project being delivered by London-based studio Rigby & Rigby, has been trailed as the UK’s first residential WELL-certified building.

OKTO Technologies was commissioned to install a “world-leading” air quality management system across the property’s 17 main living spaces, with DFS filtration providing “the safest, purest air possible”.

Fully-automated, Al-led tech will work out how best to achieve “ideal conditions”, with sensors determining how many people are in each room and how they are using the space, and what the conditions are like outside – in terms of temperature, humidity, vehicular pollution and pollen levels.

, Lancelot House featured in PrimeResi

Using this info, the integrated, custom-built system will ventilate and clean the air, and update occupants in real time, allowing them to “see” the quality of the air they are breathing (analysing ultrafine contaminants measuring one 1000th of the width of a human hair), both inside and out.

Users will also be able to adjust the airflow rates, with pre-set modes ranging from “purge” (the fastest setting available) to “night” (one change per hour).

The sprawling property near Harrods is said to be the very first large-scale luxury private residence to house such a set-up; the kit will be hidden in void spaces, joinery and furniture units and run at “extremely low” noise, pressure drop and energy levels.

, Lancelot House featured in PrimeResi

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