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KickStart Careers – Oakwood School x Rigby & Rigby

Oakwood Secondary School hosted its Kickstart Career Day on International Women’s Day, providing a unique chance to explore various career paths while addressing gender stereotypes and celebrating women’s achievements. The event featured a dynamic speed networking format, where students interacted directly with professionals through yes or no questions, culminating in guessing their occupations. This approach highlighted the importance of broadening students’ perspectives and advocating for gender equality in all fields.

Commencing with enquiries primarily focused on well-known professions, the day progressed to introduce lesser-known careers, revealing a notable struggle among students to generate further questions. This highlighted a limited awareness of the breadth of career options available and highlighted the significance of events like these in expanding horizons.

Professionals from a range of industries, including Kay Sames, Rigby & Rigby’s 3D studio manager, engaged in discussions that challenged societal norms and fostered innovative thinking. Kay, a young woman in a typically male-dominated field, serving in a managerial role, embodied barrier-breaking and stereotype-defying leadership.

Mr. Sims, Oakwood’s Career Lead, was pleased with the students’ response, citing positive feedback from attendees and guests. He highlighted the event’s importance in initiating students’ thoughts and plans for future careers and post-school life, acknowledging its significant impact on shaping their aspirations.

By seamlessly integrating International Women’s Day themes into career exploration, Oakfield Secondary School’s Career Day served as a platform for honouring women’s achievements while championing inclusivity and diversity across professions. It reinforced the idea that genuine progress towards gender equality necessitates challenging stereotypes, broadening perspectives, and empowering individuals to pursue their aspirations freely.

As the day concluded, students departed with a newfound appreciation for the diverse array of career paths available to them. Oakwood Secondary School’s Career Day not only inspired students but also encouraged them to explore career avenues beyond their initial considerations.

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