Kay Sames – Promoted to Studio Manager – 3D Design – Rigby & Rigby

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Kay Sames – Promoted to Studio Manager – 3D Design

Rigby & Rigby are delighted to announce that Kay Sames has been promoted to Studio Manager – 3D Design within the Interior Design team.

Kay lives and breathes 3D design and has quickly taken on board the Rigby & Rigby aesthetic. She has 10 years industry experience and has fine-tuned her 3d skillset at some of London’s greatest 3D visualisation companies. At Rigby & Rigby Kay has collaborated with our Interior Design & Architecture teams to visualise multiple projects, notably a Prime Central London residential development in Mayfair and another mixed use development in Knightsbridge, where the upper floor residential apartments are illustrated on our website https://rigbyandrigby.com/projects/sw7-200/.

Kay often spends her own time designing and creating 3d spaces as well as constantly expanding her knowledge in animation, simulation and design. Beyond the world of 3D Kay has some eclectic interests, ranging from video games to climbing.


, Kay Sames – Promoted to Studio Manager – 3D Design


James Ashfield – Rigby & Rigby Interior Design Studio Director:

“Kay is truly dedicated to her profession and so passionate about 3d design. I was very happy when she joined the company as having an in house 3d team has brought us so many efficiencies to our project delivery process, we can be even more creative with the level of custom design that is incorporated into furniture and projects. Her promotion is deserved and rewards her energy and enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to seeing Kay grow the 3d offering and integrate the department further with our design teams and Creative Department at Rigby & Rigby. We’re seeing Kay push ahead as she has just generated two 3d environments for our client’s to enjoy their design via Virtual Reality. This is another example where she’s leading and delivering great results.”


Kay Sames – Rigby & Rigby 3d Studio Manager:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Rigby and Rigby so far and I am delighted to now be leading the 3D team. Although we are an inhouse team I truly believe that we can be a recognised talent and voice within the visualisation industry. Rigby and Rigby, as well as being leaders in design and innovation, have cultivated a place where I can believe in the limitless possibilities of our 3D department and truly feel supported in expanding our contributions of images, VR tours and animations.  I also have an appreciation of how behind the scenes we can prop up the creative exploration and production of our peers in the design and architectural departments- able to test and expand ideas through 3D tools without the restrictions of seeking external resources. My promotion is an exciting first step for myself in a very long and rewarding journey with Rigby and Rigby.”

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