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Introducing Kay Sames, Rigby & Rigby’s new talented 3D Artist

Rigby and Rigby are excited to welcome Kay Sames to our growing team of passionate, highly skilled and industry-leading professionals.

Kay is an established 3D Visualisation Artist who is passionate about collaborating with a team of varied specialisms and talents to achieve a perfect outcome. Kay firmly believes that 3D visualizers are key members of the design team.

“I’m excited for the great female talent being recognised in my industry recently and hope to continue to support and represent #womeninarchviz as I was honoured to be recognized as a female role model in the industry.

To be acknowledged by my peers was a highlight of my career that I will always remember but I am now looking forward to new opportunities and creating a 3D department at Rigby and Rigby that produces images that are equal to the talent in the visualisation industry today.” – Kay Sames, 3D Visualisation Artist.

Rigby and Rigby look forward to working with Kay on upcoming project and allowing her to showcase her skills working with one of the best design team in the country.

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