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Iain Johnson included in the Spear’s 2022 Top Recommended Interior Designers

Rigby & Rigby is proud to announce that Iain Johnson, CEO has been included in Spear’s 2022 Top Recommended Interior Designers in the UK.

The Spear’s 500 remains the indispensable guide to the top private client advisers, wealth managers, lawyers and service providers for high net worth individuals – undoubtedly the leader in its field.

The feature reads:

Iain Johnson has been a pivotal part of the AllectDesign Group’s growth, seeking to execute the vision of a truly integrated design and delivery studio. The group’s expertise extends across development management, architecture, interior design, construction delivery and private client services.

Johnson’s vision has been to bring together some of the finest names in architecture, interior and product design with the mission to foster an ‘unrivalled level of creativity, innovation and excellence.

The research and development-influenced architecture and interior design strikes a balance between Helen Green’s elegantly British sensibility and Lawson Robb’s unique interiors and yacht design. Johnson oversees the group’s operational strategy and creative division.

Adviser profile

Rigby & Rigby CEO Iain Johnson has been a pivotal part of the firm’s growth since its inception. A champion of the studio’s expansion, he has helped it to become a leading multi-award-winning name in ultra-prime delivery. The firm’s extensive expertise stretches across a wide range of architecture and design specialisms, including project management, to create the most exceptional properties in the world.

Rigby & Rigby is a founding member of the luxury design group Allect, alongside Helen Green Design and Lawson Robb. Johnson leads and oversees the group’s overall strategy – ensuring the brand’s individual identity, heritage and expertise as a complementary offering. He also collaborates with some of the ‘world’s best’ architects and interior design studios, providing clients with a unique opportunity of choice within the full-service delivery model.

At the heart of Rigby & Rigby’s approach is Johnson’s profound commitment to the client experience. Architecturally trained with 20 years of industry leadership and experience, Johnson’s ability to understand every facet of the design process ensures he is perfectly positioned to support clients throughout their development journey. This includes Rigby & Rigby’s award-winning Special Projects division, where Johnson leads a dedicated development and delivery team undertaking the most complex signature new build and heritage restoration projects.

Creatively Johnson’s passion lays in ‘driving innovation through research-based methodology, influencing the architectural and interior design studios to be more experimental, and to maximise the client experience and enrich the user journey’. The product: ‘Perfectly resolved residences, with a style defined as an understated re-fined luxury, delivered with a service that is second to none.’

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